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    Why bottled water is such a serious environmental problem, and how to reduce its use in your organisation

    Plastic water bottles offer the benefits of convenience and portability but that comes at a serious environmental price, one which definitely isn’t worth paying. A UN report published in 2016 stated that more than 300 million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2014 and predicted that this would rise to more than 2,000 million tonnes […]

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    Washrooms can be both environmentally friendly and stylish

    When people think of environmentally friendly washroom products such as waterless urinals, sensor taps and automatic hand dryers, they may not always think of style as well. It’s not unusual to talk to potential customers who are interested in the water and energy savings that Ecoprod’s range of products can offer them but are concerned […]

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    Why sensor taps are a great choice for domestic environments

    As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, sensor taps are very popular in healthcare environments such as hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and veterinary surgeries – anywhere where hygiene is critical. Because of this people tend to think of sensor taps as being a solution only for professional environments and workplaces rather than for homes. However, we […]

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    How to ensure your waterless urinals don’t smell

    We sometimes talk to clients who are concerned that waterless urinals might smell. Perhaps they’ve seen them onsite somewhere and found that there’s been an odour. Or perhaps someone has mentioned to them that they think waterless urinals smell. Or perhaps they think the only way you can stop urinals from smelling is to constantly […]

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    Important changes to water retail competition

    As you may know, April 2017 marks a big change in the way in which businesses in England purchase their water. From 1 April onwards it’s now possible for all organisations in the country, whether public or private sector and regardless of their size, to choose which supplier provides their water and waste water retail services. […]

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