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    Why you should use MB ActiveCleaner to clean your URIMAT urinals

    MB ActiveCleaner saves you cleaning and maintenance costs as well as keeping your urinals hygienic and odour-free

    When you buy a waterless urinal from us, you’re not just buying the urinal itself but also our knowledge and expertise about the best way to keep it clean. One of the big benefits of waterless urinals is the fact that, if they’re cleaned correctly then they are odour-free and much more hygienic than traditional flushing urinals. Once you’ve invested into waterless urinals it’s important to make sure that your cleaners know how best to clean them and that you use the best cleaning materials for the job.

    We strongly recommend that all our clients use MB ActiveCleaner to clean their waterless urinals. MB ActiveCleaner has micro-bacterial spores in it which are activated as soon as they come into contact with anything organic, such as the fat, protein and other organic elements found in urine. As soon as the spores are activated they eat all the organic materials that they can find before falling dormant again. They then lie dormant until the next person comes along and uses the urinal.

    Using MB ActiveCleaner offers a great number of benefits over any other approach to cleaning your urinals. Using it makes keeping your waterless urinals clean a simple matter, actually much simpler and more straight-forward than cleaning traditional flushing urinals – here are the main reasons why.

    • Versatile – MB ActiveCleaner can be used for cleaning any area where you might find organic matter of any kind, so you can use it anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen. Many of our customers use it for cleaning the floor in their washrooms. This means your cleaners only need one product for almost all their cleaning, making life simpler and the cleaning process quicker.
    • Far more economical – we supply MB ActiveCleaner as a concentrate, which you then use at a one to twenty dilution when cleaning urinals (one to fifty if you’re using it to clean other parts of your washroom). That’s just 50 millilitres of cleaning fluid mixed with water in a standard size spray bottle. One bottle of MB ActiveCleaner used on four urinals being sprayed twice per day will last for approximately four months.
    • Simple and quick, no scrubbing needed – to keep your waterless urinals clean, all your cleaners need to do is spray the inside of the urinal once or twice a day and they’re done. Unlike with other cleaning solutions, there’s no requirement to scrub the urinal or wipe it down (unless of course there are solid elements in the urinal that require removal). Indeed, we strongly recommend not scrubbing the urinal as this can damage its surface, leading to small cracks and scratches in which bacteria can potentially flourish, making it more likely that your urinal will smell bad.
    • No more yellow stains – if you’re used to traditional flushing urinals then you know that yellow stains on the urinal bowl are a fact of life. That’s not the case when you clean your waterless urinals with MB ActiveCleaner – the biological agent in MB ActiveCleaner means that you’ll never get yellow stains because the spores in the cleaner eat away the organic matter that causes them.
    • Lasting protection – If you disinfect something with a traditional disinfectant then the disinfectant will kill everything, bad bacteria and good. However, it does not provide you with any lasting protection so as soon as the urinal is used again, the bad bacteria start multiplying again. The difference with MB Active Cleaner is that, used regularly, it starts to grow a protective biological cover over the area that’s been cleaned. This cover helps ensure that the cleaning effect endures in between cleans, keeping your urinals hygienic and odour-free.
    • Reduce the chances of blocked pipes – By using MB ActiveCleaner you’ll also reduce significantly the chances of your waste pipes becoming blocked with organic matter. With traditional urinals this is a real problem but if you’re using MB Active Cleaner then the bacterial agents in the cleaning fluid will be ‘eating’ all the organic matter than traditionally leads to blocked pipes. MB ActiveCleaner also eliminates limescale, soap and shampoo residue, keeping your washroom clean and cutting your maintenance costs significantly over the longer term.
    • Eliminates the source of odours rather than simply masking them – Traditional urinals and surrounds are generally made of porous materials, which means that organic matter gets into the microscopic gaps in these surfaces, remaining there and causing odours. Traditional cleaning liquids will mask this problem by forming a temporary cover over the organic matter rather than getting rid of it permanently. However, the active organisms of MB Active Cleaner can penetrate into these cracks and scratches to fight contamination on a much deeper level.
    • Save money on odour-masking substances – cleaned correctly, your waterless urinals should be completely odour-free, so you won’t need to spend money on odour-masking substances any more. No more scented oils or room deodourisers. The MB ActiveCleaner keeps your washroom smelling fresh.
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