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    Why Ecoprod recommends the Green Drain floor drain trap seal

    At Ecoprod we’re absolutely committed to offering our customers a range of innovative and environmentally friendly washroom products. All the products we sell offer environmental benefits as well as functional benefits, otherwise we wouldn’t sell them. We want to help our clients to save water, reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the washroom and cut their carbon emissions. We’re always on the look out for new products we can add to our range that will help our clients to achieve this. Additionally, we want to help our clients improve the ambience and appearance of their washrooms, whilst maintaining the highest environmental standards.

    With that in mind, we’re delighted to have added the revolutionary Green Drain product to our portfolio. It really does offer the best floor drain trap seal protection available in the market today, and fits in well alongside our existing ranges of water-saving and environmental washroom products. The Green Drain solves a number of problems that are common in washrooms, kitchens and other places where floor drains are installed.

    Common problems caused by floor drains

    • Sewer gases coming up from dry traps
    • Floor drains creating odour issues
    • Expensive procedures to monitor and maintain the liquid trap seal in floor drains
    • Drain flies, maggots and cockroaches escaping through floor drains
    • Drain fly breeding issues in floor drains
    • Current solutions are chemical-based, ineffective and hazardous to the environment
    • Costly added maintenance procedures are required to prevent these issues

    How the Green Drain solves these problems

    Preventing odour from drains re-entering the washroom

    Odour is a common problem in washrooms and other environments where floor drains are in use. The Green Drain has a one-way valve which eliminates these odours, whilst still keeping the drain fully functional at all times. The Green Drain’s one way valve creates a seal to eliminate floor drain odour issues, meaning there are no more gases emanating from the floor drains.

    Reducing the need for harmful cleaning chemicals and air fresheners

    Traditionally, the issue of odour from floor drains has been addressed through the use of chemicals: heavy duty, caustic cleaning chemicals are poured down the drain and air fresheners are used in the washroom to mask the smell. These kinds of cleaning chemicals tend to be either extremely acidic or basic in nature. They are usually used in high concentrations and can cause severe burns to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Most of these products consist of either potassium hydroxide or acids such as sulphuric acid, citric acid, hydrochloric acid or concentrated chlorine bleach. Over time all of these chemical cleaning products are destructive to plumbing fixtures and piping systems. Most importantly, the toxicity of these chemicals attacks the environment.

    Traditional floor drains require consistent chemical treatments as part of their maintenance. However, the Green Drain eliminates the need for chemical applications, both cleaning fluids and air fresheners, while contributing to a healthier environment.

    Save water and improve washroom hygiene

    The Green Drain is crucial to preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria that can escape from sewers causing potential health hazards. The Green Drain eliminates the need to frequently pour fresh water down the drain to maintain the liquid trap seal. It truly is an ‘install and ignore’ solution for floor drain problems, saving a significant amount of time, water, costs and energy.

    Prevent pests from entering your washroom

    Traditional floor drains often serve as the point through which pests (flies, cockroaches and even rodents) enter the building. The Green Drain has a silicone skirt attached, completely preventing pests from entering the washroom. Bugs can no longer crawl back up through the floor drain leading to a much more pleasant and hygienic washroom environment.

    Cuts installation time and maintenance costs

    Traditional floor drain liquid trap components need to be changed often and are generally difficult to replace. In contrast the Green Drain takes mere seconds to install and also acts as a barrier trap protection device. The Green Drain is a great solution in both new construction and as a retrofit into existing floor drains.

    Watch the smoke test to see how odour is trapped by the Green Drain

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