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    Why miscea three-in-one taps are a great choice for dentists

    Our miscea taps are a great choice for any environment where hygiene and cleanliness are important but we are finding that they’re particularly popular with dentists, as you can see from the testimonials we have from Philip Friel Dentistry, Prais Dental Care and the Sussex Implant Centre. In response to this growing interest from dentists, we recently conducted some market research to try and understand more about dentists’ tap needs.

    Currently 90% of the dentists who responded to our survey are using elbow operated lever taps in conjunction with wall mounted soap and disinfectant dispensers. This is the standard set up in most practices. It’s clear that many dentists are happy with this arrangement but we also had feedback from quite a few who felt that it had limitations, particularly with regard to the soap and disinfectant dispensers. These can be prone to dripping, leaking and other mechanical problems, dispensing liquids unreliably as well as making a mess in the practice and adding to maintenance and cleaning costs.

    No more leaking or dripping soap dispensers

    One of the main reasons that our dental clients are so happy with miscea taps is that miscea replaces their tap, soap dispenser and disinfectant dispenser with a single unit that does not drip or leak at all. miscea’s clever 3 in 1 design eliminates the need for frequent cleaning as any soap or disinfectant dripping from the user’s hands is neatly contained in the sink resulting in no messy puddles for safer, cleaner and more hygienic facilities.

    Switching to miscea means that you no longer have the cleaning and maintenance issues associated with three individual units. Instead the functionality of all three is accessible via the tap. Through simple hand gestures you can precisely control the dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant, significantly simplifying the vital hand washing process. Additionally, you can precisely control the amount of soap and disinfectant dispensed with each use in a way that’s not possible with traditional dispensers.

    “Dental practices all need to comply with new rules for CQC and this is almost an ideal product when it comes to the hand washing. Hand washing is notoriously a fairly messy business because you need to have separate dispensers for your soap, for disinfectant and hand lotion whereas this is all encased in one product.

    The main benefit is that it makes hand washing a fairly simple task. It should be a simple task to start off with but because we have to comply with all the rules now it actually can get quite complicated. This gives you all the options without even touching the tap and you don’t need to worry about making a mess of everything.”

    Werner Slabbert

    Gives a cleaner, more professional look to the practice

    Sensor taps such as miscea give dentists much more control over the look of their practice. Obviously hygiene is the most important consideration but the results of our survey also showed that many dentists place great importance on how their surgery looks. A clean, professional and modern look is important. Miscea allows you to replace two or three units with one unit, for a clean and uncluttered look in your surgery.

    “When you’re building a new clinic, you want something that looks very nice from an aesthetic point of view and in that respect the miscea tap is outstanding, so it was a fairly easy decision after that. The look of it is very important.”

    Philip Friel

    Allows achievement of optimal hand hygiene standards as set by the WHO

    For optimal hand hygiene the World Health Organization and other renowned health organisations such as the renowned Robert Koch Institute in Germany, recommend the use of sensor activated taps, soap and disinfectant dispensers as an ideal standard within health care settings. The miscea tap’s advanced sensor technology enables the fastest and most reliable touch-free operation to prevent the risk of cross contamination and ensure strict hand hygiene standards can be met in surgeries.
    Additionally the soap and disinfectant dispensed by the miscea system are in sealed, non-refillable pouches for compliance with the requirements of HTM 01-05.

    In-built flushing system to prevent legionella

    The miscea taps have an inbuilt safety feature against bacteria. The tap automatically runs a regular cleaning cycle, flushing water and all liquids to prevent harmful waterborne bacteria growth usually found in stagnant water. For added personalisation, these cycles can be programmed as desired with the miscea remote control.

    miscea taps are reliable and require little or no maintenance

    “It’s a testament to the product itself that I’ve had absolutely no aftercare requirements – it has functioned in daily use for around 9 years with no problems at all.”

    Philip Friel

    “It is a gold standard tap and that’s what our aim was with this practice – to set up a gold standard practice rather than just minimum standards, and if you are interested in something different that will go the extra mile, it does make a difference. This is something you’re going to use fifty times a day so I think you should spend some time thinking about that and making your life a little bit simpler.”

    Werner Slabbert

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