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  • How do I know when it's time to change the trap on a urinal?

    MB ActiveCube improves hygiene, reduces deposits and prevents the inside of the odour trap and the waste pipe becoming encrusted with organic matter.
    Over time, the MB ActiveCube begins to dissolve, revealing more of the red indicator underneath.  
    After the MB ActiveCube has dissolved, the red surface beneath the transparent cover signals that the odour trap needs replacing.

    What equipment will I need?

    You'll need a pair of disposable gloves, a replacement trap, a sachet of sanitary grease, a replacement sieve, a bin and bin bags, a trap removal tool, a bucket of water, a brush and some MB ActiveCleaner spray. Note: The replacement traps come with a sachet of urinal grease (polycarbonate urinals only), a replacement plastic sieve, disposal bags and the trap removal tool, as well as disposable gloves, so these do not need to be ordered separately. The trap changing process is the only time water is to be used in the maintenance of the urinals. Water should never be flushed down the urinals as part of the standard cleaning process - there's more advice on how to clean the urinals correctly here.

    Step one

    Wearing disposable gloves, apply sanitary grease to the rim of the new trap, as shown above. 

    If you have a trap for a ceramic urinal rather than a polycarbonate urinal, then you do not apply grease to the trap. 

    Step two

    Remove the old sieve from the urinal and dispose of it. Note: Stainless steel sieves can be cleaned and reused.

    Step three

    Hook the removal tool under the rim of the dome on the top of the trap ready for removing it.

    Step four

    Remove the old trap from the urinal. 

    Step five

    Put the old trap into a bin bag.

    Step six

    Dispose of the old trap hygienically. 

    Step seven

    Once the trap is removed, pour approximately three litres of clean, cold water down the urinal.

    Step eight

    Give the trap holder a quick clean with a brush. 

    Step nine

    Use up to 10 litres of clean, cold water to flush away any deposits.

    Step ten

    Insert the new trap into the trap holder in the urinal bowl with the holes in the top of the dome positioned away from the user towards the back of the bowl as shown in the magnified image.

    Step eleven

    Make sure that the trap is pushed firmly into place flush with the edge of the trap holder.

    Step twelve

    Place a new plastic sieve over the trap or reuse the cleaned stainless steel sieve.

    Step thirteen

    Flush about half a litre of water down the urinal. 

    Step fourteen

    Spray the urinal with MB ActiveCleaner. 

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