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  • miscea CLASSIC - makes creating a patient-safe environment effortless for dentists, vets, hospitals and clinics

    Optimal hand hygiene is vital in the medical sector and a growing number of international hygiene protocols require the use of touch-free equipment to combat cross contamination in dental practices, hospitals, clinics and other medical environments. miscea offers medical professionals a new way to optimise hand hygiene: a non-touch all-in-one solution... the miscea CLASSIC®.

    The miscea CLASSIC® combines the functionalities of a water tap and two dispensers into one unique and innovative product. This creates a new experience in hand sanitation by dispensing water together with soap and disinfectant. Using the miscea CLASSIC® is a completely touch-free experience. It’s as simple as moving your hand over the indicated section of the glass dial, where a coloured light signal will show which product will be dispensed.

    The miscea CLASSIC® also allows for sensor controlled water temperature adjustments, activated by simply moving your hand next to the ‘+’ or ‘-’ until the desired temperature is reached. Full of innovative and handy features including a clear display screen, the miscea CLASSIC® is the perfect companion for busy dentists, vets and other medical professionals.

    See how the miscea Classic works

    See how Prais Dental Care uses the miscea CLASSIC®

    We installed the miscea taps to provide an ergonomic and efficient clinic dispensing system for soap and alcohol disinfectant. We have been very pleased with their performance and with Ecoprod’s after sales support.

    Dr Richard Prais, Principal Dental Surgeon at Prais Dental Care

    See how Philip Friel Dentistry uses the miscea Classic

    We have our miscea tap positioned over our scrubs sinks and it adds to the whole efficiency of the clinical set up in terms of surgical preparation. You  have the functional aspect of it but also in a clinic that’s fairly minimalistic one of these taps flashing every couple of seconds above the scrubs sink looks really good as well. It fits perfectly with the desired clinical look.

    Achieve optimal hygiene

    • Advanced IR sensor technology enables a completely touch free experience, while preventing risk of cross contamination and ensures high standards of hygiene.
    • Unique, sealed refill system with peristaltic pumps further ensures optimal hygiene while reducing cleaning and maintenance.
    • Exact dosage of skincare products reduce the steps required in hand sanitation by conveniently dispensing correct amount every time.
    • Meets the hand hygiene requirements of HTM 01-05 and helps dental practices to demonstrate compliance with this document.
    • The miscea CLASSIC® entirely complies with the WHO’s guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare.
    • Renowned German Robert Koch institute recognises the advantages of the miscea CLASSIC® compared with existing equipment currently used.

    Enjoy peace of mind with legionella control and prevention

    • Raising a new standard in hygiene, every miscea CLASSIC® is equipped with automatic periodic flushing to reliably prevent colonisation and limit the growth of waterborne micro-organisms in accordance with the water safety plan of each organisation.
    • With such an intelligent system, it’s reassuring to know that the miscea CLASSIC® is here to help you achieve a new standard in hand hygiene and patient safety while reducing the costs associated with legionella control.

    Cleaner and safer clinics

    • Separate taps and dispensers are no longer needed allowing for a cleaner and more streamlined work environment while simplifying cleaning and maintenance.
    • The miscea CLASSIC® does not drip, while any skincare product spills are neatly contained in the sink, which means a safer and cleaner area for staff, visitors and patients.

    System Components

    The miscea CLASSIC® system comprises of three main components:

    • The miscea tap
    • The soap box
    • The water box

    Installation & Personal Settings

    Using industry standard measurements, it is extremely easy to install the miscea CLASSIC® as it fits in most washbasins and wash areas. The soap box and water box are also very quick and easy to install. Adjusting settings, such as the amount of soap or disinfectant can be altered easily and conveniently by using the handy miscea CLASSIC® remote control.

    Using only the highest quality skin care products

    The miscea CLASSIC® uses the Eco Soap wash lotion and Septasol hand disinfectant products from miscea. The skincare products are of high quality, are effective and yet are gentle on the skin. Both products are supplied in sealed one litre pouches for compliance with HTM 01-05 requirements.

    miscea Eco Soap is an ecological hand soap without colour or fragrance and is pH neutral. miscea Eco Soap is enriched with skin protectors and fattening agents which make it mild for the skin. miscea Eco Soap gives beautiful foam and saves up to 70% product in comparison to traditional liquid hand soaps. This product is certified with the European Ecolabel.

    miscea Septasol is an perfume-free alcohol disinfectant rub for the skin and hands. Septasol contains no preservatives or other additives which might have an irritating or sensitising effect on the skin. Septasol is suitable for both hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands and is recommended for use by persons with allergic prone and sensitive skin. Septasol is bactericidal (incl. MRSA), tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, virus inactivating including HBV/HIV/BVDV/HCV/Vaccinia/Rota/ Influenza/Noro viruses.

    The miscea CLASSIC configuration

    Performance specifications


    Input voltage

    Operating water pressure

    Max water temperature

    Enclosing rating of PCB compartments

    Water box weight (incl hoses)

    Soap box weight (excl pouches)

    Model weight (incl hoses and cables)

    24V dc

    100-240 V ac / 50-60 Hz

    0.5-8 bar

    70 degrees c

    IP 55

    1.75 kg


    CLASSIC standard 1.0kg

    CLASSIC small 0.9kg

    CLASSIC wall 0.9kg

    Colour and finish options

    Brushed stainless steel

    Polished chrome

    Default settings

    Response time of water flow stop

    Dispense volume of soap

    Dispense volume of disinfectant

    1 s

    1 ml

    3 ml

    Soapbox and waterbox dimensions

    Soapbox: width, height, depth

    Waterbox: width, height, depth

    220.0mm, 280.0mm, 82.4mm

    155mm, 166mm, 76.8mm

    System specifications

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