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  • miscea CLASSIC - the professional choice for hand hygiene 

    The miscea CLASSIC is the first sensor faucet system of its kind in the world capable of dispensing water and a combination of two other liquid products using advanced sensor technology - it’s the new and unique concept that has changed the way people wash and sanitize hands.

    By combining the functions of a water faucet with two dispensers, the miscea CLASSIC has made proper hand washing more convenient and efficient to perform. Instead of separate faucets and dispensers, you can now easily receive everything you need from one system as well as adjust the water temperature completely touch-free.

    The miscea CLASSIC system is not just an award-winning system, but also a viable and effective solution for professionals who demand a higher standard in hygiene. Yet it is elegant in design and simple enough to be used in any business or home.

    See how it works


    • Advanced sensor technology
    • Multi-purpose functionality
    • User friendly interface
    • Awarding winning design
    • Convenient refill system
    • Compact system box

    Using the latest infrared technology to enable a completely touch free experience, it’s easy to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. With a simple hand motion over the infrared sensors, the miscea CLASSIC® lets you receive soap, water or disinfectant to hygienically sanitise and disinfect your hands. Just activate and receive! For full details on all product features, please download the PDF brochure below!

    Miscea Remote Control

    The miscea Remote Control enables for convenient and easy adjustments of various user settings for all current miscea system models. The different user settings which can be adjusted with the miscea remote control include:

    • Dosage amount of liquid products
    • Starting temperature of water
    • Duration of the bucket mode
    • Water temperature memory time
    • Water shut off delay time
    • Water purge cycle intervals
    • Duration of water purge cycle
    • 3 LED light settings in standby mode
    • User feedback tone settings
    • Restoring factory settings

    Please note, certain functions may not be available on all miscea models.


    Liquid refills available for either pouch or bottle soap box

    • Miscea wash lotion 1L pouch
    • Miscea wash lotion 1L bottle
    • Schulke Desderman Pure disinfectant 1L pouch
    • Schulke Desderman Pure disinfectant 1L bottle
    • Schulke Esemtan wash lotion 1L pouch


    miscea CLASSIC product specifications

    Performance specifications



    Input voltage

    Operating water pressure

    Max water temperature

    Enclosing rating of PCB compartments

    Water box weight (incl hoses)

    Soap box weight (excl pouches)

    Model weight (incl hoses and cables)


    24V dc

    100-240 V ac / 50-60 Hz

    0.8-10 bar

    75 degrees c

    IP 55



    CLASSIC standard 1.0kg

    CLASSIC small 0.9kg

    CLASSIC wall 0.9kg

    Default settings


    Response time of water flow stop

    Dispense volume of soap

    Dispense volume of lotion or disinfectant



    1 second





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