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  • Miscea taps enable touch-free control of water, soap and temperature

    Ideal for operating theatres, treatment rooms and wards

    Motion-activated control of all aspects of hand hygiene from a single unit

    Miscea offers state of the art touch-free, sensor tap systems with integrated soap and disinfectant dispensers built into a single unit. Most other motion-activated taps still require you to get soap from a separate unit which you need to touch. Miscea is different. All soaps and handrubs are dispensed from the same unit with a single motion detector. You can complete all aspects of your handwashing routine using one unit only and without needing to touch anything else. No need to get soap or disinfectant from separate dispensers. No need for elbow-operated lever taps.

    Ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount – operating theatres, treatment rooms and wards

    • Completely sensor-operated system for maximum hand hygiene – all functions including water temperature controls, soap and disinfectant dispensing can be managed completely touch-free thus significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
    • Water savings of up to 70% – Miscea taps quickly and accurately respond to hand movements and so only dispense water when needed, thus offering substantial water savings over more traditional taps.
    • No need for separate wall-mounted dispensers – soap and disinfectant dispensers are integrated into Misea taps so there’s no need to have separate dispensers, thus providing a cleaner and more hygienic environment.
    • Fully customizable to your precise requirements – Miscea taps allow you to pre- programme a precise dosage of soap and disinfectant, thus helping to reduce wastage and maintenance costs. This also allows the system to dispense the correct amount of disinfectant for both hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
    • Automatic water flush cycles – Miscea taps include an automatic water flush safety feature to help guard against legionella and other harmful waterborne bacteria that can be found in stagnant water. The flush cycle interval and duration can be pre-programmed to meet your specific infection control requirements.
    • Award-winning, modern design – Miscea products are sleek, modern and attractive, and all are fully WRAS approved.

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