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  • Static Advertising

    URIMAT waterless urinals offer an advertising medium with significant reach in a clearly defined target group. There is no changing the channel or turning the page. Your advertising message is viewed on average for 40 seconds. An acceptance study was carried out in Switzerland by the renowned IHA-GfK market research institute and the results of their study are shown below.

    Info and advertising messages ideally placed

    You cannot escape advertising on the URIMAT. Depending on the model, the urinals from URIMAT offer either static, sensor steered backlit advertising displays or high-resolution LCD-screens with animated messages that hit home within your target group. URIMAT urinals offer a modern and audience-specific medium that allows to address specific target groups in the most effective way. Turning away, zapping away and browsing is not possible, ensuring that your message is seen.

    Users spend an average of 40 seconds at the urinal

    Ample time for your message - whether advertising or company philosophy. Many firms have already recognised the potential of this advertising surface.

    Additional revenue for your business

    Operators of URIMAT systems have an important added value. By hiring out the info display offered by the URIMAT ecoplus, ecoinfo, ecovideo or by all the URIMAT compact models to advertisers; additional revenues can be generated.

    The active use of the integrated advertising display makes the employment of URIMAT even  more valuable!

    In addition to our static advertising displays we also offer video advertising on some of our products.


    Acceptance study

    • 93% of all those surveyed said the advertising screen was the first thing they noticed on the URIMAT urinal.
    • 96% found the advertising on the URIMAT urinal positive or weren’t bothered by it.
    • 90% remembered the message on the URIMAT urinal advertising display.



    • Captive audience with a dwell time of an average of 40 seconds.
    • No divergence loss.
    • Advertising revenue/financing possibilities.
    • Promote your brand values.
    • Promote your environmental policies.


    Here at URIMAT UK we have the equipment and ability to design, print and finish bespoke displays for any client in any volume at a reasonable cost.
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