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  • Why Stonehenge uses URIMAT waterless urinals in its Visitor Centre and Groups Welcome Centre

    Jamie Graham, Operations Manager, Stonehenge

    The new visitors’ centre at Stonehenge opened in December 2013. It was designed to deal with the increased footfall that we have experienced here, as a result of which we’ve had to open the new Groups Welcome Centre and in that we have installed URIMAT waterless urinals, in addition to the ones that we have at the regular visitors’ centre. These were installed in October 2017. Waterless urinals by URIMAT were specified by the architect as part of the building programme.

    Here at Stonehenge we’re not connected to any mains water supply so we need to extract water from a borehole, so we need to limit the use of freshwater on site in terms of maintaining our commitment to the environment – URIMAT’s waterless urinals really do help with that process.

    All of our waste water is treated here at Stonehenge before being tankered away. In terms of the load on the sewage processing plants that we have here on site, the URIMAT waterless urinals really are key to ensuring that that load is reduced.

    So when we were specifying the groups welcome centre that we have here we were looking at technology that we had already implemented, technology that works well for us, so that’s why we made the decision to install them in the new groups welcome centre.

    On a busy day during the summer period we can see round about 9,000 or more visitors on site so it’s really important that the technology copes with that amount of footfall, and since installation we’ve had no problems whatsoever.

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