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  • The Green Drain ensures that water flows down, whilst insects, odours and sewage gases stay out

    Plumbing installations including a drain traps can be expensive to install and often need lots of maintenance due to failure such as the trap drying out. When a drain trap fails, sewer gas, insects and unpleasant odours can enter the building through the drain.

    Green Drain’s patented, easy-to-install design solves these common issues. The Green Drain enables water to freely pass through a one way seal.  However, sewage gases, insects and odours are blocked from being able to re-enter the building.

    The Green Drain is an eco-friendly solution to the expense and hassle generally associated with drain traps and requires no water or checmicals to ensure an effective seal.

    How the Green Drain works

    Green Drain product features

    • Easy to install and easy to remove – no pliers needed
    • Requires no sealant or expensive installation tool
    • Saves a significant amount of time, water, costs and energy
    • Fits most drainage systems for an easy retrofit to existing drains
    • Can be used with all 2”, 3”, and 4” floor drains and outlets

    How you’ll benefit from installing the Green Drain

    • Sewer odours often produce a foul smell in buildings from floor drains. The Green Drain’s one-way valve eliminates those odours and prevents the spread of dangerous bacteria that can cause potential health hazards, whilst keeping the drain fully functional.
    • Traditional floor drains can quickly become a doorway for pests such as flies, cockroaches and rodents. However the Green Drain has a silicon skirt attached which prevents pests from getting in.
    • Traditional drain trap seals need to be replaced often and are a pain to replace. The Green Drain takes mere seconds to install and also acts as a barrier trap protection device.
    • Traditional drains require consistent chemical treatments as part of their maintenance. In contrast, the Green Drain eliminates the need for chemical applications, making it better on the environment.

    Who is the Green Drain for?

    The Green Drain is generally used by businesses, school maintenance departments, office buildings and more.

    Applications include:

    • Shower drains
    • Outdoor drains
    • Basement drains
    • Water heater drains
    • HVAC condensation drains
    • Ice machine condensation drains
    • Maintenance areas
    • floor/mop sinks
    • Residential bathrooms
    • Under kitchen sinks
    • Laundry rooms

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