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....save money during these economically uncertain times by saving water and electricity?

....cut your operational overheads by reducing the water wastage associated with urinal flushing and the use of conventional taps?

....reduce your operational overheads by replacing your traditional hand dryers with our low energy models?

....cut the wastage of soap and lotions with our Miscea tap with integral fixed dosage dispensers?

....reduce your carbon footprint by saving water with our Urimat Urinals with their carbon neutral manufacture?

....reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy consumption with our energy efficient Jet Towel Hand Dryers?

....reduce your carbon footprint by saving water with our Miscea tap/dispenser with its infra-red sensor technology?

....save money and generate advertising revenue at the same time with our Urimat Urinals with integral advertising media?
....save money as well as the environment by using our economical and ecological cleaning products?

....replace your harmful chemical cleaners with our biological cleaning products?

....help to keep your waste pipes clear with our biological action cleaning products?

....use a cleaning product which is Ph Neutral and doesn’t require a COSHH assessment?

....help prevent the possibility of cross-contamination within your washroom by installing the Miscea tap with its completely touch-free operation?


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Eye Catching Advertising

UrimatWould you like to save money and generate revenue at the same time with our ecoplus and ecoinfo urinals?Find out more


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

UrimatWould you like to use a Cleaning product which was effective as well as Environmentally Friendly?Find out more


Waterless Technology

UrimatWould you like to do your bit for the Planet by saving water and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time?Find out more


Low energy hand dryer

UrimatWould you like to reduce your electricity bill with our efficient and effective Jet Towel Hand Dryer? Find out more


Touch-free Sensor Tap with Integral soap/lotion dispenser

UrimatWould you like to reduce your water consumption by up to 70% and reduce your wastage of soap & lotions with our Miscea tap with its sensor technology? Find out more



Environmentally Friendly ToiletSave up to 100,000 litres or more of valuable drinking water each year!

Environmentally Friendly Urinal