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  • How to clean URIMAT urinals

    What equipment will I need?

    No specialist cleaning equipment is needed to keep URIMAT waterless urinals clean. Your cleaners will simply need rubber gloves, a supply of MB ActiveCleaner, a soft cloth, a bucket, a sieve trap and a toilet brush.

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    MB ActiveCleaner

    You should use MB ActiveCleaner to clean your urinals. It’s supplied as a concentrate, used at a one to twenty dilution when cleaning urinals (one to fifty if you’re using it to clean other parts of your washroom). That’s just 50 millilitres of cleaning fluid mixed with water in a standard size spray bottle.

    Stage one

    Spray the outside of the urinal with diluted MB ActiveCleaner.

    Stage two

    Gently wipe around the outside of the urinal bowl using a soft cloth. There is no need for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing.

    Stage three

    Don’t forget to wipe the bottom of the urinal too.

    Stage four

    Remove the sieve from the bottom of the urinal and place it in a bucket.

    Stage five

    Spray the inside of the urinal with the MB ActiveCleaner.

    Stage six

    Wipe the inside of the urinal with a soft cloth.

    Stage seven

    Pay particular attention to the area around the MB ActiveTrap.

    Stage eight

    Use a toilet cleaning brush to clean the sieve.

    Stage nine

    Replace the cleaned sieve back in the urinal.

    Stage ten

    Spray the inside of the urinal once more with the diluted MB ActiveCleaner and leave in place.

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