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  • The benefits of miscea taps

    Dispense water, soap and disinfectant from one tap, completely hands-free

    Hands-free temperature control

    Ideal for healthcare, catering and other environments where hygiene is paramount

    Reduce water consumption and save energy, compared to traditional taps

    Stylish, award-winning design

    Programmable dosage of two different liquid hand hygiene products

    Uses up to 70% less water than traditional taps

    Achieve optimal hand hygiene

    For optimal hand hygiene, many leading professional organizations such as the World Health Organization and the renowned Robert Koch Institute in Germany, recommend using sensor-activated faucets and dispensers as an ideal standard within health care settings.

    Our advanced sensor technology enables the fastest and most reliable touch-free operation to prevent the risk of cross contamination and ensure strict hand hygiene standards can be met across all areas.

    Used with miscea systems for optimal hand hygiene benefits, miscea exclusive liquids range offers high quality and effective refill products.

    The miscea patented system enables programmable dosage of liquid hand hygiene products, helping further reduce waste and maintenance costs.

    Find out more about how miscea benefits vets, dentists and other medical professionals.

    Use less water

    Old manually operated faucets can waste a lot of water. miscea sensor faucet systems are equipped with advanced sensor technology, enabling them to regulate water use by automatically turning the water on or off exactly when needed.

    Water saving of up to 60% can be realized while associated costs can be significantly reduced.


    How miscea taps work

    See how Prais Dental Care uses miscea

    We installed the miscea taps to provide an ergonomic and efficient clinic dispensing system for soap and alcohol disinfectant.
    We have been very pleased with their performance and with Ecoprod’s after sales support.

    See how Philip Friel Dentistry uses miscea

    We have our miscea tap positioned over our scrubs sinks and it adds to the whole efficiency of the clinical set up in terms of surgical preparation.
    You  have the functional aspect of it but also in a clinic that’s fairly minimalistic one of these taps flashing every couple of seconds above the scrubs sink looks really good as well.
    It fits perfectly with the desired clinical look.

    See how the Sussex Implant Centre uses miscea

    It is more a gold standard tap and that’s what our aim was with this practice – to set up a gold standard practice rather than just minimum standards, and if you are interested in something different that will go the extra mile, it does make a difference.
    This is something you’re going to use fifty times a day so I think you should spend some time thinking about that and making your life a little bit simpler.




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