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    About URIMAT

    URIMAT is a leading manufacturer of waterless urinals and other environmentally friendly products in the sanitary industry The waterless urinals made by the Swiss manufacturer URIMAT simultaneously bring hygiene and ecological protection to thousands of washrooms around the globe. As they discover the innovative technology and the high value retention of URIMAT products, new customers are placing their confidence in our solution every day, thereby actively helping to save millions of litres of clean drinking water. In regions where this valuable resource is in short supply, such arguments are becoming ever more crucial in an era of climate change. As a market leader, URIMAT is fully committed to ecological sustainability. Our products are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and production processes. When choosing our partners we emphasise carbon-neutral production and high ethical standards. Our uncompromising quality control and leading technology guarantee durable products with odourless, hygienic and ecological operation. Make a statement today. Choose URIMAT.

    How your organisation could benefit from installing URIMAT waterless urinals

    • Save up to 100,000 litres of water per urinal per year - By installing URIMAT waterless urinals your organisation can save as much as 100,000 litres of water per urinal per year as well as substantially reducing maintenance, cleaning and other costs associated with the operation of traditional urinals.
    • Return on investment from as little as 4½ months - Our existing customers report an average return on investment payback of 18 months, with many achieving return on investment in substantially less than this. Our lowest payback time, achieved by a manufacturing plant, was only four and a half months from installation time.
    • Ecoprod – a family business with years of experience - URIMAT waterless urinals are brought to you by Ecoprod Technique. We’re a family-owned and run business with many years of experience in this market.

    Trial the URIMAT system to see its benefits for yourself

    The best way to see how URIMAT could benefit your organisation is through a trial installation. Many of our clients tested URIMAT waterless urinals in one or two locations before installing them throughout their organisations. Talk to us about a two month trial today.




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