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  • How to install URIMAT waterless urinals

    URIMAT products are simple to install and the range of models available will cover the footprint of virtually every existing water-flushed urinal bowl making retrofit installation easy and cost effective. The images below show an example of URIMAT ecoplus urinals being installed in place of existing large water-flushed bowls. Note that the new urinals also cover the old flush-sensor position.

    Getting started

    Before commencing any installation, it is very important to check that there are no blockages or partial blockages present in the existing drainage or waste systems.

    Always replace existing waste pipework back to soil stack or drain locations. If this is not possible because of access, make sure that any existing pipe work is clear.

    Use correct fittings as shown on diagrams enclosed with standard plumbing assembly set (part no. EP57.002). 110/82mm diameter soil floats must be thoroughly cleaned.


    Soil and waste systems must be installed with correct falls.

    Where a moulded wall seal is supplied for polycarbonate urinals, this must be fitted. This is applied by working from the bottom edge on one side, then around the urinal to the opposite bottom edge. Please note: this wall seal is longer than the perimeter of the urinals and will need to be trimmed on completion of the installation.

    Ceramic urinals should be sealed to the wall with sanitary grade silicone sealant.


    When installing with vertical surface pipework, the outlet spigot on the urinal will need to be reduced in length by 25mm before fitting elbow connectors (part no. UR58.005 & UR58.201).

    The long tail connector (part no. UR58.201) can be reduced in length to suit site requirements.

    The standard plumbing assembly set (part no. EP57.002) converts the vertical elbow connector (part no.UR58.201) to standard UK solvent weld waste systems.

    Installation instructions for eco, ecoplus and ecoinfo models

    You can download these instructions as a PDF here. screenshot-2016-10-12-11-41-03

    Installation instructions for compactplus and compactinfo models

    You can download a PDF version of these instructions here. screenshot-2016-10-12-11-41-16

    Installation instructions for the ceramic model

    You can download a PDF version of these instructions here. screenshot-2016-10-12-11-41-34
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