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  • The benefits of URIMAT waterless urinals

    The best way to see how URIMAT could benefit your organisation is through a trial installation. Many of our clients tested URIMAT waterless urinals in one or two locations before installing them throughout their organisations.

    Talk to us about a two month trial today.

    Save water and reduce your carbon footprint with URIMAT

    Ultimately, only hard facts count. This is why URIMAT has been chosen and specified by over 850 organisations in the UK alone. URIMAT's patented waterless technology has been tried and proven in many types of location, both low and high footfall, and URIMAT has excelled every time. Here are some of the arguments that have convinced even the most demanding URIMAT customers.

    Huge reduction in water consumption

    Using URIMAT waterless urinals saves a huge amount of water compared to traditional flushing urinals.Typically each URIMAT urinal saves 100,000 litres of water per year. As a guide, this equates to between £250 and £600 per urinal per year, just in water savings alone (depending on region).

    URIMAT has been awarded the prestigious Waterwise Marque in recognition of its water-saving credentials.

    Saving water means saving money on your water bills, and that’s not the only way in which URIMAT urinals can save you money. You will generally also realise a sewage cost saving, as sewage costs are normally calculated based on water usage.

    Cut cleaning costs

    URIMAT urinals are much easier and quicker to clean than traditional urinals. Each bowl is made of a super-smooth polycarbonate or ceramic material to which deposits cannot stick, and is specially moulded with no pipes, awkward corners or sharp edges to clean. Your cleaners need only spray the inside of the bowl with MB Active Cleaner, a micro-biological cleaner which then breaks the urine down organically. There’s no need for scrubbing and scouring so cleaning time is reduced and effectiveness increased.

    Bad odours are eliminated

    Once you install URIMAT urinals, bad odours in your washrooms are a thing of the past. URIMAT urinals guarantee an odour-free washroom, with no need for a constant flush. The patented URIMAT drain trap stops any odours from the drainage system entering the washroom.

    No more waste pipe blockages 

    The URIMAT urinals collect urine in a patented drain trap, from where it is discharged into the drainage system without the need for a constant flush. This means that no limescale or urine stones can form in the pipework, reducing the possibility of blockages and significantly decreasing your urinal maintenance costs.

    An end to overflowing urinals 

    The urine is immediately passed into the waste system and none is retained within the urinal. The absence of water flushing means that the waste pipework does not become scaled up and block, causing a backup into the urinal.

    Much greater hygiene levels 

    The shape of the urinal bowl is designed to minimise splashing beneath and around the urinal, so your hygiene levels dramatically improve, even while cleaning requirements reduce.

    Lower environmental impact 

    The URIMAT system is entirely chemical-free. The urinal bowl is made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate. The manufacturing process is carbon neutral. The MB ActiveCleaner contains no harmful chemicals and, because it’s biological, it is not dangerous to humans, animals or plants and it biodegrades completely. Dermatological tests confirm that it doesn’t irritate cleaners’ skin, as do the harsher cleaning agents required to clean traditional urinals.

    New communication methods 

    URIMAT waterless urinals can incorporate a built-in advertising display (static or video), enabling you to provide information to your customers or to generate revenue by renting out the space to other advertisers. Video content can be loaded onto these screens remotely so you can update it quickly whenever required.

    Quick return on investment 

    Our existing customers report an average return on investment payback of between 18 months and 24 months, with many achieving return on investment in substantially less than this. Our lowest payback time, achieved by a manufacturing plant, was only four and a half months from installation time. More examples are given on our investment payback examples page. 

    Environmental benefits

    • Annual savings of up to 100,000 litres or more of valuable drinking water per urinal
    • CO² reduction (at least 175g per m³ of water saved)
    • Odourless operation
    • No chemicals, no oils
    • Carbon-neutral manufacturing process
    • 100% recyclable polycarbonate bowls
    • Lightweight products for minimum environmental impact from packaging and transport
    • Environmentally friendly, PH-neutral microbiological cleaning system

    Reduce energy

    Huge amounts of energy are used in the processing of water to make it fit to drink so why flush it straight down the drain?

    A water saving of 100,000 litres equates to a carbon reduction of 17.5 kg so switching to URIMAT waterless urinals will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

    Additionally, all URIMAT polycarbonate urinals are manufactured in a carbon neutral process that uses 100% renewable energy.

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