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  • Philip Friel Dentistry case study – miscea taps

    About Philip Friel Dentistry

    Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry opened its doors in Glasgow in November 2010, and since then, has garnered an enviable reputation for first-class dentistry – ranging from bespoke general dentistry and oral maintenance to the latest cosmetic and restorative techniques including image-changing dental implants surgery.

    It combines highly-qualified, experienced staff with advanced technology and equipment in its state of the art clinic at the heart of the west end in Glasgow. As part of its focus on excellence, Philip Friel Dentistry has been using miscea taps since the start of its operation.

    Why did Philip Friel Dentistry install miscea taps?

    I had been considering other options but I saw the miscea tap and it looked unlike anything I’d ever seen before. By the time I had looked into it a little more and researched it a little more it was clear to me that it was the top of the range. When you’re building a new clinic, you want something that looks very nice from an aesthetic point of view and in that respect the miscea tap is outstanding, so it was a fairly easy decision after that. The look of it is very important.

    The fact that there are variable options in terms of the size of tap and mounting of tap was  also appealing to me. Also the fact that the miscea tap is auto flushing for anti-legionella, that you can load up the soap together with the alcohol disinfectant rub. All of these things were positive factors that made the decision easy for me.

    It’s so efficient. We have our miscea tap positioned over our scrubs sinks and it adds to the whole efficiency of the clinical set up in terms of surgical preparation. You  have the functional aspect of it but also in a clinic that’s fairly minimalistic one of these taps flashing every couple of seconds above the scrubs sink looks really good as well. It fits perfectly with the desired clinical look.

    All the staff use it and have had no issues with it. The look of it is important but it’s also about the function and the reliability. We use it all the time, day in day out, so it gets heavy use. Patients are sometimes curious as to what it is and why the light is flashing and we can explain to them that it’s a touch free tap for scrubbing and when it comes on as it does to self-flush and self-purge it can be a bit of a talking point.

    What’s the experience of dealing with Ecoprod been like?

    Dealing with Ecoprod has been completely hassle-free, and in a busy world that’s exactly what you want. You want someone to deliver the product as advertised and as promised with minimal hassle and that’s exactly what we’ve had. In terms of after care, it’s a testament to the product itself that I’ve had absolutely no aftercare requirements – it has functioned in daily use for around 9 years with no problems at all, but I have the confidence that if there ever were any issues with it they’d be rectified immediately.

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