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  • Why the Sussex Implant Centre uses the miscea CLASSIC tap

    About the Sussex Implant Centre

    Dr Werner Slabbert co-founded Sussex Implant Centre and Advanced Dentistry in 2017 with his father Dr Dirk Slabbert. For 25 years, the Slabbert name has been renowned in Brighton and Hove.

    The Sussex Implant Centre was one of the first practices to offer dental implant treatments to the local community and since then has placed over 10,000 implants.

    Its state of the art clinic caters to some of the most advanced dentistry techniques available and it works hard to set new levels of excellence within the local area.

    We have been using the tap for over a year now. The first time I saw it in someone else’s practice, I was quite impressed with it, with the aesthetic look of it. Then I researched it online and figured out that I would like to have it in my practice. We did consider other options, obviously there are different ranges for different budgets, and all of that but we decided we would like something that’s all inclusive in one product. I’ve heard from other people that it’s got a really good reputation and it lasts.

    Dental practices all need to comply with new rules for CQC and this is almost an ideal product when it comes to the hand washing. Hand washing is notoriously a fairly messy business because you need to have separate dispensers for your soap, for disinfectant and hand lotion whereas this is all encased in one product.

    The main benefit is that it makes hand washing a fairly simple task. It should be a simple task to start off with but because we have to comply with all the rules now it actually can get quite complicated. This gives you all the options without even touching the tap and you don’t need to worry about making a mess of everything.

    It is more a gold standard tap and that’s what our aim was with this practice – to set up a gold standard practice rather than just minimum standards, and if you are interested in something different that will go the extra mile, it does make a difference. This is something you’re going to use fifty times a day so I think you should spend some time thinking about that and making your life a little bit simpler.

    Ecoprod’s been great all through it. They worked very well with my supplier Qudent. They’re always on the phone if you have any issues and you don’t understand anything about it, but it’s actually not complex and it does have a bit of a wow factor.

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