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  • Tottenham Hotspur stadium case study

    About the project

    Tottenham Hotspur FC is currently in the process of building a new state-of-the-art stadium at White Hart Lane. Holding 61,000 fans, the stadium is due to open in 2018. The club aims to ensure that the stadium offers the best possible experience to its fans.

    Our stunning new stadium design and wider scheme will deliver an unrivalled fan experience and significant community benefits – creating a world class sports and entertainment destination for all – and in our birthplace of Tottenham. It will be our new home for generations to come and we want it to be exceptional.

    Daniel Levy, Chairman

    Trial installation of Urimat waterless urinals

    The decision to install Urimat waterless urinals was taken by the new stadium’s design and management team, on the basis of a very successful trial installation at the old stadium during its last season.

    Urimat waterless urinals trial installation in old stadium

    For the trial, eleven Compact Plus urinals with MB Active Trap were installed and operated over a period of approximately six weeks during which time the team played five home games, ensuring that the urinals were heavily used. Feedback from Paul May, the stadium’s operations manager, focused on how easy the new urinals were to clean and maintain. There was no damage to the urinals at all during the trial period, and the urinal cartridges did not need to be replacing during the entire trial, their longevity being a key benefit.

    Installation in the new stadium

    As a result of the success of the trial, the decision was taken to install the Urimat waterless urinals in the new stadium. Ecoprod is now in the process of supplying 1,000 urinal bowls as part of this project.

    The first shipment of Urimat waterless urinals en route to Tottenham’s new stadium

    Why waterless urinals are a good choice for sports venues

    • Significant water savings – Each waterless urinal saves up to 100,000 litres of water per year. In heavy use environments such as sporting venues, this means a very significant reduction in water use and its associated costs. Thames Water currently charges £1.28 per cubic metre of water – so saving 100,000 litres across 1,000 urinals means a saving of more than £100,000.
    • Lower carbon footprint – In addition to reducing water use, waterless urinals also enable sporting venues to cut their carbon emissions – each million litres of water saves equates to a reduction in carbon emissions of 175kg.
    • Improved fan experience – waterless urinals, when maintained correctly, are guaranteed to be odour-free and so offer a much more pleasant environment to users than do traditional flushing urinals.
    • Same efficiency as troughs but better experience – trough urinals are commonly used in high traffic environments but they’re unpopular with users because they don’t offer the same privacy as individual urinals and are much less aesthetically pleasing.
    • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs – waterless urinals are much quicker and easier to clean than traditional urinals and are significantly less likely to suffer from blockages and other maintenance issues.
    • Offer new advertising and communication channels – Urimat waterless urinals also offer a number of advertising possibilities, from static advertising through to high resolution video displays.

    Other stadia already using Urimat urinals

    • FC Gallen AFG Arena – capacity 20,300 / 126 waterless urinals
    • FC Basle St Jakob Park – capacity 38,500 / 260 waterless urinals
    • Servette FC Stade de Geneve – capacity 30,100 / 174 waterless urinals
    • RCD Espanyol Estadi Cornella-El Prat – capacity 40,500 / 386 waterless urinals
    • Neuchatel Xamax FC Stade de la Maladiere – capacity 12,000 / 98 waterless urinals
    • FSV Mainz 05 Stadion am Bruchweg – capacity 20,300 / 70 waterless urinals
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